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Photography is a universal platform as it can tell a story without using a single word. Newspapers, magazines, and highway billboards are saturated with a kind of visual immediacy that often captures the transience of atmosphere using shadows and light as an emphasis.  Using photography as a basis, I create paintings and illustrations based on this beautiful union; I am often inspired by a sense of timelessness only a photograph can reveal. Modernism and the aesthetic values of pop art echo into my process as I believe art may borrow from any source.  Sometimes my work illustrates repetition to convey a sense of movement by design.  My style indicates  vividity of contrasts, colors and structure, allowing the image to evoke a sense of unity, coherence and continuity, rhythm, harmony, and overall organization.  Repetition is encoded in the very DNA  of my art creating process- practice makes perfect.

My paintings are usually a blend of acrylic paint with applications of oil and pastel; sometimes I incorporate collage elements if I have the necessary mixed media  elements. For my illustrations, I use ink and charcoal for a very industrial look and if it needs further development, I blend acrylic with charcoal.

Art making is such an inclusive affair.  It is perhaps the one facet of our society that is never exclusive; everyone can create and everyone has a point of view in terms of how they viscerally respond to art. The universality of creativity is what connects us all as fellow wanderers of this amazing world and I thank you for viewing a sampling of my portfolio.  My Instagram and Facebook are provided and if ever you're wanting to commission a portrait or if you're needing any aesthetic advice on a project, I look forward to you reaching out.  



Northern Arizona University (BFA)

University of Arizona (MFA)

 © 2023 by Sean Cannon

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